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Right Gin - 750ML

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RIGHT Gin is blended and bottled in Malmo, Sweden; the Southernmost region of the country, directly across the bridge from Copenhagen, Denmark. 60% of Gin is water, so the selection of this ingredient is critical. The water used in RIGHT Gin comes from Lake Bolmen, near Malmo, a protected source renowned for its arctic purity. The water was chosen for its “softness” which the company believe adds to the flavor profile of their Gin.

Each of the eight botanicals used are very carefully sourced for the best character, distilled separately under specific conditions special for that botanical, then blended together to create a very elegant, balanced and unique expression of Gin.

RIGHT works exceptionally well in classic Gin cocktails, taken neat, and pairs beautifully with fresh and seasonal flavors.

Juniper Berry
Sarawak Black Pepper
Coriander Leaf
Lemon Peel
Green Cardamom
Key Lime Peel
Bitter Orange Peel