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We could just say that whiskey is a liquor that originates from a mixture of fermented grains but, as all connoisseurs know, the world of spirits is more complicated than that. Really, the whiskey category comprises a huge variety of spirits, ranging from bourbon to scotch whisky. To make completely new flavours, distilleries continually experiment with diverse grain types. The Flavours can range from both sweet to spicy and smoky too. Most whiskeys were instinctive as a standalone drink, but you can continuously choose your favourite mixers and create your own cocktail recipes. The Scotch whisky, as the name proposes, hails from Scotland. A specific malt drying process informs the liquor a characteristic smoky taste, which is even strong in single malt varieties. The Irish whiskey is a complex mixture of corn-based & malted spirits. It is a very drinkable one with a smooth, warm, and typically sweet flavour.


All spirits are termed as alcoholic, but not all alcoholic drinks are spirits, also mentioned as hard liquor. These drinks tend to have a high alcohol content than extra alcoholic beverages and are made through distillation. Working with a provoked liquid as a base, distillation essentially split up the drink by boiling & condensing it, growing the alcohol content as a result. While current distilleries use a little more complex process than just boiling it, the process is still coarsely the same.


For a whiskey to call as bourbon, its mash which is the mixture of grains from which the invention is distilled must contain at least 51 percent of corn. The mash should be distilled at 160 proof and the distillate must be stored in burned new oak barrels at 125 proof or less, and it must not comprise any additives. While the values state that bourbon must be stored in overdone oak barrels, there is not actually a minimum-aging condition. But bourbon which has been aged few than four years must have an age declaration on its label, and to be well-defined as ‘straight bourbon’ it must have been aged for a minimum of 2. Bourbon which is liked by all is a type of aged whiskey. It ages for almost two years in remarkable new oak barrels. It is a fact that producers use bourbon barrels just only once, then they will pass them on to extra distillers who use them for making rums, tequilas, and some other liquors which is a pretty supportable production method. Bourbon is the most general type of whiskey in varied drinks.


Wine is an alcoholic drink made with the fermented juice of grapes. Technically, any fruit is proficient in being used for wine like apples, cranberries, and plums, but if it just says wine on the label, then it is made with grapes. The difference between wine and beer is that brewing beer involves only fermented grains. Wine is made from fruit, and beer is only made from grains.