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Rhum Clement Rum Premium Canne - 750ML

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Rhum Clement, Première Canne is a unique white rhum created from fresh pressed sugarcane juice. Volcanic terroir and Clement's tropical appellation lend Première Canne its exotic bouquet and a sensational palate. Flavors of cocoa bean, bittersweet chocolate, black tea and unrefined sugar. The mid-palate brings elements of fresh grass and beans preceding a graceful finish with subtle notes of caramelized sugar. Reminiscent of a quiet Caribbean cove surrounded by foliage. Première Canne is elegant yet ever so approachable. Pairs best with citrus and a touch of sweet. Don't limit this to just classic rum cocktails. It fills in flawlessly for any dry white spirit.

This is a natural white rum with an elegant bouguet and smooth finish. It is made from a select variety of sugar canes on the French Island of Martinique. Works perfectly in any mixed drink.