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Jose Cuervo Authentic Cherry Limeade Margarita - 1.75L

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With aromatic notes from sweet citrus and maraschino cherry, the Cuervo Cherry Limeade Margarita® is a nod to a delicious fast-food chain favorite. This ready-to-serve margarita is made with Cuervo® and Triple Sec Liqueur. It’s sweet off the top with a subtly bitter cherry finish.

Jose Cuervo Authentic Cherry Limeade Margarita nods a classic beverage into a delicious ready-to-drink margarita. Made with maraschino cherry vanilla and sweet lime citrus, just pour over ice and serve!

Jose Cuervo® Authentic Margarita – Cherry Limeade brings something tangy yet sweet to the classic margarita. Its flavor is of sweet syrupy cherry up front, bright orange and agave, fading into fresh lime juice and tequila. It finishes with slightly bitter amarena. Just chill, pour and serve, or blend with ice!