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Bear Flag Premium Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml

SKU 8500002884


The 2016 vintage season came early in Sonoma County, with an early budbreak and unusually cool summer that allowed more hang time. In addition to being incredibly patient, we cut shoots on specific hillside blocks in late fall to impart a signature style of ripeness via desiccation. The result is a palate-filling roundness, richness and sweet viscosity that makes this Cabernet Sauvignon truly unique.


In 2016, we sourced our fruit from select, premier vineyards within Sonoma County. When blended, each terroir adds a unique layer of flavor and creates a memorable style. The 2016 vintage season was early in Sonoma County, producing typical yields of exceptional quality fruit. The season began with ample winter rain, warm spring temperatures, and an early summer. Throughout the growing season, we saw cool nights to balance the warm days, which allowed the grapes to ripen evenly and produce small berries in excellent condition. The resulting wines are showing beautiful structure, fresh fragrance and complex fruit characteristics.