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Tullamore Dew 15Yr Trilogy 6B 750Ml

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Our 15 Year Old Trilogy is the very pinnacle of our craft. Across three generations of Williams, the three unique crafts of distillation, blending and maturation in finest oak were honed. The Tullamore D.E.W. signature blending of all three types of triple distilled Irish whiskey; pot still, malt and grain brings out a uniquely complex yet smooth taste. This is a compelling, beguiling and deeply satisfying Trilogy. The wood, an exquisite vessel of time itself, is the distinguished theatre of this unique whiskey. Bourbon, Oloroso Sherry and Rum: each is a unique wood representing the zenith of Irish whiskey craft, and each adding its own complex flavour. On the nose rich spice and nutty oakiness interlaced with a hint of tropical fruit. A rich and complex full-bodied taste with fruit, nuts and spice and a lingering creamy fudge flavour, creamy yet full bodied. The finish is long, intensely rich and satisfying.