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Belvedere Heritage 176 Vodka - 750ML

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Belvedere Heritage 176 is a stunning taste of vodka’s past. Until the 19th century, Polish vodka distillers relied malting the rye to release enzymes to enable fermentation, a tradition which also naturally revealed rich and distinctive flavors. Over time these old traditions sadly faded out, and vodka became more associated with neutrality. Belvedere challenges this notion of neutrality and believes that rye delivers both distinctive taste and character.
Thus Belvedere has revived this traditional malting technique which unlocks rich depth, flavor and complexity that would otherwise remain hidden in the rye. You'll find aromatics of freshly-baked rye bread with subtle hints of heavy cream, vanilla, buttered biscuits, and spice. It is rich, full-bodied and complex with flavors of honey, toasted walnut and allspice. Savor this vodka in your next cocktail or on its own over ice with a lemon twist.